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Welcome to Hydro Terra Crop. , the place where you’ll be able to find information about anything related to hydroponics, as well as hydroponic systems and how to build your own hydroponic systems.

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Our Specialties

Hydro Terra Corp. is a medium corporation , we don’t have much things like materials to build everything we plan and want build. But as the resources become available, we have plans to build many new hydroponic system designs, and crops, that will also be added to our free design plans so we can share them. 

Hydroponic System

How hydroponic systems work may seem complicated at first, but once you understand them, you’ll see how they work is actually really quite simple. There are six types of hydroponic systems.


Hydroponic nutrients can be a complex issue or as simple as mixing and pouring. 

Growing Mediums

In hydroponics, the growing medium takes the place of the dirt/soil. Not to provide nutrients, but so the roots can support the plants weight and hold it upright.

pH/TDS/PPM levels

The pH scale is a way to measure the Acid or Basic (alkaline) in nutrient solution. The official definition of pH is: a unit of measure that describes the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a liquid solution.

Artificial lighting

Many gardeners recommend metal halide grow lights above all others. The reason being it’s excellent spectral distribution.

Custom Service

We will help you with every plantation you do through new hydroponic system. We know designs, and crops, that will also be added to your design plans which will make your garden attractive.

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